Addressing Health Care Workers’ Mental Health: A Systematic Review of Evidence-Based Interventions and Current Resources

Source : American Journal of Public Health.
Objectives. To provide a comprehensive assessment of intervention literature focused on the support and treatment of mental health within the health care workforce.

Healing the Heart of Healthcare

Source : JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration.
Healthcare workers continue to work without fully processing the stress of the pandemic on their overall health. Outcomes of stress include workplace burnout, low morale, and an increase in suicide rates. At Huntington Hospital, a need was identified to give caregivers an opportunity to grieve and process their experiences. Healing the Heart of Healthcare was a formal intervention that provided acknowledgment of trauma and reinstated a sense of hope to the profession. The activities in this program may be duplicated in other celebrations such as Nurses Day recognition.

Bilan 2022 des expositions professionnelles aux rayonnements ionisants en France

Source : Références en santé au travail.
Ce bilan de l’IRSN présente les résultats généraux des expositions externes « corps entier » des travailleurs ainsi que ceux déclinés par domaine d’activité : médicales, vétérinaires, industrie nucléaire…

Examining the Nurse Manager Practice Environment Effects on Burnout: Results of a Cross-sectional Multisite Study

Source : JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration.
This study examined the relationships between the dimensions of the nurse manager practice environment and burnout. Understanding the degree to which their practice environment characteristics impact their level of burnout is important to nursing manager retention.

CDC seeks Clarity on Masks, Respirators

Source : Hospital Employee Health.
An advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently completed draft isolation guidelines for respiratory patients, but got a thumbs down and a loaded question for their trouble: “Should N95 respirators be recommended for all pathogens that spread by the air?”

CDC: PPE Should be Readily Available for Workers

Source : Hospital Employee Health.
New draft patient isolation guidelines recently approved by advisors to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized that healthcare workers have N95 respirators, masks, eye protection, and other personal protective equipment readily available.

Experiences of Frontline Managers during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations for Organizational Resilience

Source : Healthcare.
The purpose of this paper was to examine frontline managers’ experiences and organizational leadership responses that activated organizational resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to learn for ongoing and future responses to healthcare crises.

Dans un secteur déjà en crise, la prévention se pose en priorité

Source : Travail & Sécurité.
Articles du dossier : Dans un secteur déjà en crise, la prévention se pose en priorité; L’anticipation ne dispense pas d’un suivi; L’union fait la force; Amélioration continue pour une atmosphère saine; Face à la violence, l’esquive est tout un art; Des médicaments bien ordonnés; Planter la première graine d’une culture de prévention