The burden of conveyor belt work in the canteen kitchen: A question of working height?

Source avec lien : Work, 73(3). 10.3233/WOR-205170

Comme des postures contraignantes sont fréquemment utilisées dans les cuisines des cantines hospitalières, nous avons utilisé l’analyse cinématique pour déterminer les postures de travail du personnel des cuisines.

BACKGROUND: Working in forced postures and standing continuously can be classified as straining the musculoskeletal system. OBJECTIVE: Since such postures are frequently used in hospital canteen kitchens, we used kinematic analysis to determine the working postures of canteen kitchen staff. METHODS: In this study, the daily work routine of 18 (11 w/7 m) workers of a hospital canteen kitchen (Frankfurt Main/Germany) aged 21–62 years (46±13 years) was examined by means of kinematic analysis (CULEA system; IFA; Sankt Augustin/Germany) and a detailed computerized analysis of the activities performed on-site. Angle values of the head and trunk were evaluated in accordance with ergonomic standards and presented using percentile values (P05-P95). The OWAS method was also employed to capture the proportions of standing, walking and sitting work. RESULTS: The kinematic posture analysis showed for all activities on the conveyor belt a tendency towards a dorsally inclined body position: trunk inclination (–7.5° to 0), thoracic spine inclination or a bending forward (–11.3° to 0°) and curvature of the back within the thoracic spine (–15.2° to 0°). In addition, >90% of the « activities on the belt » (46% of the daily working routine) were carried out standing. CONCLUSION: The activities on the conveyor belt were characterized by a tendency towards hyperextension of the trunk, possibly due to a too high working environment. Furthermore, an increased burden on body structures while standing can be concluded. From a primary prevention perspective, this increased standing load should be reduced by behavioral and relational prevention measures.

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