Psychological impact of COVID-19 on nursing personnel: A regional online survey

Source avec lien : Journal of Advanced Nursing, (En ligne). 10.1111/jan.15339

Cette étude a examiné les réactions de santé mentale face à la pandémie de COVID-19 au sein d’une population d’infirmières travaillant dans des contextes variés. L’étude a tenté d’élargir notre compréhension actuelle des réactions psychologiques propres aux infirmières travaillant pendant la période hautement stressante de la pandémie de COVID-19.

Aims This study investigated mental health reactions to dealing with COVID-19 in a population of nurses working in a variety of settings. The study attempted to expand our current understanding of the psychological reactions unique to nurses working during the highly stressful period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Design The study used an online questionnaire design. Methods Nurses were recruited using social media via an electronic link between July and September 2020. Of them, 112 nursing professionals completed the 66-item questionnaire. Results Significant findings included the presence of moderate or greater levels of anxiety (62%), depression (31%), and posttraumatic stress disorder (15%) and with significantly greater intrusive thoughts and memories for nurses who provided direct patient care than those who did not. Nurses with a prior history of anxiety or depression were found to be at greater risk for psychological distress. Results further highlighted concerns and fears related to coronavirus in both their daily personal and professional lives. Conclusion The use of standard, commonly used, measures of psychological disorders allow for a more precise comparison among studies both for this population at the time of the survey and over a period of time. Impact Suggestions for helping nursing professionals identify nurses at risk and improved ways to cope and deal with adverse psychological effects are discussed.

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