Challenges and Obstacles Faced by Trainee Female Physicians: An Integrative Research on Gender Discrimination, Stress, Depression and Harassment

Source avec lien : Healthcare, 9(2), . 10.3390/healthcare9020160

L’objectif de cette étude est d’évaluer les défis et les obstacles rencontrés par les femmes médecins stagiaires et de proposer des solutions qui pourraient résoudre ces problèmes et améliorer leurs performances.

This study’s purpose is to assess the challenges and obstacles faced by female trainee physicians and suggest solutions that could resolve these issues and improve their performance. The study utilized an observational, analytical, cross-sectional design based on a self-administered open-ended and validated questionnaire which was distributed to 133 recruited female resident trainees of medical units in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The findings of the study revealed that 52% female trainees experienced gender discrimination, mostly (65%) by their superiors, while 40% were regularly harassed. About half (53%) of the interviewees were severely depressed, resulting in their reconsidering their career in medicine. A total of 14% thought of suicide, while four planned to end and five had attempted to end their life. However, only eight (6%) participants officially reported the cases of harassment to the accountable superiors. Half of them felt neglected by the healthcare administration, and one-fourth (24%) were underachieving in their studies and work. The study concluded that work dissatisfaction, limited clinical correspondence, high depression, burnout, stress and drop-out rates—all deriving from common gender discrimination—compose the alarming and complex challenges that female trainee residents in Jeddah of various levels and specialties have to face.

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