The influences of corporate policies for COVID-19 on work stress and anxiety among healthcare employees

Source avec lien : Work, 73(4). 10.3233/WOR-205197

Cette étude vise à déterminer les effets des politiques d’entreprise pour COVID-19 sur le stress et l’anxiété au travail des employés du secteur de la santé.

BACKGROUND: During the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, if it is considered that educated manpower is the most valuable resource of countries, it can be thought that various policies should be developed both at the macro- and micro-levels to minimize the loss of healthcare employees. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to determine the effects of the corporate policies for COVID-19 on the work stress and anxiety of healthcare employees. METHOD: The sample of the study consists of 136 of 265 healthcare employees in Sakarya Provincial Health Directorate Emergency Health Services in Turkey. The average age of the participants was 34.43 years, and the average duration of professional experience was 12.12 years. Approximately 61% of the participants are male and 51% have a bachelor’s degree or higher level. A questionnaire form was used in the study as the data collection tool consisting of socio-demographic characteristics, institutional policies on COVID-19, work stress, and the Status Anxiety Scale. Process Macro Model 4, descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were used for the data analysis.

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