Sexual harassment of Israeli nurses by patients and missed nursing care – A hidden population study

Source avec lien : Journal of Nursing Management, (Prépublication), 2/8/2020. 10.1111/jonm.12976

Cette étude vise à sensibiliser le public à un antécédent de soins infirmiers manqués. Les soins infirmiers manqués sont associés de manière négative aux résultats des patients, c’est pourquoi les hôpitaux emploient des stratégies pour atténuer les soins manqués. Si les antécédents de soins infirmiers manqués résultant de l’environnement de travail des infirmières sont reconnus, le harcèlement sexuel par les patients ne l’est pas.

Aim To raise awareness of a patient-related antecedent of missed nursing care. Background Missed nursing care is negatively associated with patient outcomes, accordingly, hospitals employ strategies to mitigate missed care. While antecedents of missed nursing care resulting from the work environment of nurses are recognized, sexual harassment by patients is not. Methods A hidden population study using respondent-driven sampling. We analyzed data from thirty letters of frontline nurses from a tertiary Israeli hospital using the six steps of Aronson’s thematic Analysis. Findings Six themes emerged. Nurses: (a). Felt objectified and that the sacred nurse-patient therapeutic space was desecrated; (b). Felt a lack of support from ward-managers. (c). Felt unprotected, lonely, and alienated. (d). Didn’t share the experience with managers. (e). Coped with sexual harassment by ending treatment quickly and later realized they missed some tasks. (f). Considered leaving nursing. Conclusion(s) Policymakers are called upon to adopt the eight steps suggested for effectively coping with sexual harassment by patients, and thus, to reduce missed nursing care. Implications for Nursing Management Managers are called upon to modify their management style, to provide support to nurses who experience sexual harassment in order to alleviate their stress, which is an also antecedent of missed nursing care.

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