Sense of Coherence and Work Stress or Well-Being in Care Professionals: A Systematic Review

Source avec lien : Healthcare, 10(7). 10.3390/healthcare10071347

Le stress lié au travail affecte la santé physique et psychologique des professionnels dédiés aux soins. Ce travail est une revue systématique qui vise à déterminer les relations entre le sentiment de cohérence (SOC) et le stress au travail et le bien-être perçu par les professionnels des soins.

Job-related stress affects the physical and psychological health of professionals dedicated to care. This work is a systematic review that aims to determine the relationships between a sense of coherence (SOC) and work stress and well-being perceived by care professionals. The review was carried out following the PRISMA guidelines, and the search was carried out using the Web of Science (WoS), PubMed, and Scopus databases, obtaining a final selection of 41 articles. The results indicate that stress, depression, burnout, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) negatively correlate with SOC; in contrast, job satisfaction, well-being, and quality of life positively correlate with SOC. It is concluded that SOC could act as a mediating variable and as a predictor variable of these health problems.

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