Mental Health Support for Hospital Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Characteristics of the Services and Feedback from the Providers

Source avec lien : Healthcare, 10(7). 10.3390/healthcare10071337

Les autorités françaises ont créé des services de soutien en santé mentale pour accompagner les travailleurs sanitaires pendant la pandémie. Nous avons cherché à obtenir le retour d’expérience du personnel fournissant ces services de soutien en santé mentale au sein des hôpitaux français afin d’identifier les caractéristiques positives et négatives et les pistes d’amélioration.

French authorities created mental health support services to accompany HCWs during the pandemic. We aimed to obtain feedback from staff providing these mental health support services within French hospitals to identify positive and negative features and avenues for improvement. A mixed-methods study was performed between 1 April and 30 June 2020. We contacted 77 centres to identify those providing mental health support services. We developed a questionnaire containing questions about the staff providing the service (quantitative part), with open questions to enable feedback from service providers (qualitative part). Of the 77 centres, 36 had mental health support services; 77.8% were created specifically for the epidemic. Services were staffed principally by psychologists, mainly used a telephone platform, and had a median opening time of 8 h/day. Thirty-seven professionals provided feedback, most aged 35–49 years. For 86.5%, it was their first time providing such support. Median self-reported comfort level was 8 (interquartiles 3–10), and 95% would do it again. Respondents reported (i) difficulties with work organisation, clinical situations, and lack of recognition and (ii) a desire for training. This study suggests that mental health support needs to be adapted to the needs of HCWs, both in terms of the content of the service and the timing of delivery.

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