Job experience as a buffer against incivility: a daily diary study

Source avec lien : Journal of Managerial Psychology, 37(3). 10.1108/JMP-03-2021-0194

L’objectif de cette étude était d’analyser les relations entre l’incivilité vécue, la qualité du sommeil et les résultats émotionnels, en positionnant la qualité du sommeil comme médiateur. En outre, le rôle protecteur de l’ancienneté et les effets uniques de l’incivilité provenant de différentes sources ont été examinés.

Purpose Incivility is pervasive in organisational settings, particularly in healthcare, and is associated with negative employee outcomes. The aim of this study was to analyse the relationships between experienced incivility, sleep quality and emotional outcomes, positioning sleep quality as a mediator. Additionally, the protective role of tenure and the unique effects of incivility from different sources were examined. Design/methodology/approach This study used a daily diary longitudinal design using self-report questionnaires with 92 nurses of varying tenure. Findings This research demonstrates that experiencing incivility negatively impacts sleep quality, which, in turn, increases surface acting and emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, the negative relationship between incivility and sleep quality is attenuated among nurses who have longer tenure. Practical implications These findings are helpful in developing targeted practical practices, such as incivility interventions and mentorship programs to reduce the incidence and impact of incivility. Originality/value This study draws upon theories of self-regulation and emotion regulation to examine how incivility diminishes self-control resources, leading to negative outcomes. This study also positions job tenure as a buffer against incivility and examines the differential impact of different sources of incivility.

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