Humanitude Care Strategies with Older Adults in Portugal During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Source avec lien : Ciencia, Cuidado e Saude, 21. 10.4025/ciencuidsaude.v21i0.59898

L’objectif de cette étude était d’apprendre les stratégies d’autosoins et de soins aux personnes âgées adoptées par les professionnels de la santé portugais qualifiés dans la méthodologie des soins d’humanitude pendant la pandémie de covid-19.

Objective: To know the strategies of self-care and care for older adults adopted by Portuguese health professionals qualified in Humanitude Care Methodology during the covid-19 pandemic. Method: Exploratory, descriptive, qualitative study of eight health professionals trained in Humanitude Care Methodology who care for older adults in Portugal. An individual semi-structured interview by videoconference was used. Bardin content analysis was adopted in data analysis. Study approved by the Research Ethics Committee. Results: The Humanitude Care Methodology favored spiritual care based on its repertoire of relational/communication techniques. Spirituality emerged centrally as vital to overcome the planetary crisis of covid-19. Non-verbal communication gained prominence in the context of face masks. Conclusion: The Humanitude Care Methodology favored complex, broad, creative, supportive, loving care, centered on the singularities of older adults, indicating a transformative path for the health field in order to overcome biologicisms and technicalities, especially within the pandemic context.

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