Differences in Determinants of Intention to Stay and Retention between Younger and Older Nursing Assistants in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Longitudinal Perspective

Source avec lien : Journal of Nursing Management, n/a(n/a), janvier 2020. 10.1111/jonm.12952

Cette étude examine les différences entre les déterminants de l’intention de rester (Temps 1) et le comportement réel de rétention au moment du suivi (Temps 2) entre les infirmières auxiliaires plus jeunes et plus âgées dans les établissements de soins de longue durée. Contexte La pénurie d’infirmières auxiliaires (AN) dans les soins de longue durée s’aggrave et la main-d’œuvre des AN vieillit également.

Aims This study examines differences in the determinants of intention to stay (Time 1) and actual retention behavior at follow-up (Time 2) between younger and older nursing assistants in long-term care facilities. Background The shortage of nursing assistants (NAs) in long-term care is increasing, and the NA workforce is also ageing. Methods Data were obtained from a stratified equal probability sample of 595 NAs from 137 institutions over a two-year period in Taiwan. Multilevel modeling was utilized for analyses. Results High organizational support and low burnout were associated with high intention to stay at Time 1 for both older and younger NAs. However, the retention of older NAs at Time 2 was more strongly influenced by high work latitude, the use of an optimization strategy, and less burnout at Time 1; while the retention of younger NAs at Time 2 was more likely to be affected by personal factor such as gender and marital status at Time 1. Conclusion Organizational factors, the use of selection, optimization, and compensation strategies, and burnout were more strongly associated with retention of older NAs than of younger NAs. Implications for Nursing Management NA managers should recognize the needs of NAs vary by age and stage of life. Retention programs that are designed to account for age differences will be more effective at retaining NAs.

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