Violence Prevention: Technology- Enabled Therapeutic Intervention

Source avec lien : Nursing Leadership, 32, 2019.

Les infirmières sont particulièrement exposées aux incidents de victimisation avec violence. Malgré la vaste littérature sur la violence dans les établissements de santé, peu d’études ont identifié des interventions efficaces de prévention de la violence. Le but de l’étude était d’explorer les expériences des infirmières en matière de mise en œuvre d’interventions technologiques de prévention de la violence.

Background: Nurses are disproportionately prone to experience incidents of violent victimization. Despite the vast literature on violence in healthcare settings, few studies have identified effective violence prevention interventions.

Aim: The aim of the study was to explore the experiences of nurses regarding the implementation of technology-based violence prevention interventions.

Methods: Qualitative data were collected through semi-structured focus groups and interviews with 11 nurses at Humber River Hospital. Interviews were audiotaped, transcribed and subjected to a content analysis to identify core themes from the data.

Results: Three themes were identified: reassurance of safety, an increase in proactive measures and limitations of technology. Nurses held positive perceptions of the impact of technology-based interventions on violent incidents. The interventions were regarded as effective for the detection of potentially violent patients as well as for providing assistance from security staff when a violent incident occurs or appears imminent. However, nurses also acknowledged that patient-related violence was “unavoidable” and that technology cannot fully prevent violence from occurring.

Conclusion: The findings from this study support the replication of these interventions in other healthcare facilities. Engaging staff, patients and families in this unique digital and technology-enriched environment has been critical for the successful implementation of the violence prevention electronic flagging system. Patient and family education and communication were essential for addressing concerns related to “labelling.”

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