Post-traumatic growth and influencing factors among frontline nurses fighting against COVID-19

Source avec lien : Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 78(2), 1 février 2021. 10.1136/oemed-2020-106540

Cette étude explore la croissance post-traumatique des infirmières de première ligne pendant l’épidémie de COVID-19 et l’influence de facteurs connexes, notamment les caractéristiques démographiques et les variables subjectives telles que les années de travail, la confiance en soi dans le travail de première ligne, la conscience du risque, l’intervention ou la formation psychologique et la rumination délibérée.

Objective To explore the level and influencing factors of frontline nurses’ post-traumatic growth (PTG) during COVID-19 epidemic. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted in February 2020 in three hospitals in China. The Post-traumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI) was used to investigate the PTG of frontline nurses. Data on related factors, including demographic characteristics and subjective variables, were collected. The Event-Related Rumination Inventory was used to assess rumination. Pearson’s or Spearman’s correlation was calculated for bivariate analysis. Independent sample t-tests or one-way analysis of variance and multiple linear regression analysis were used to examine the related factors. Results A total of 179 frontline nurses were recruited, and 167 were included in the analyses. The mean PTG score was 70.53±17.26. The bivariate analyses showed that deliberate rumination was modestly positively correlated with PTG (r=0.557, p<0.01), while intrusive rumination had a modest negative correlation with PTG (r=−0.413, p<0.01). Multiple linear regression demonstrated that working years, self-confidence in frontline work, awareness of risk, psychological intervention or training during the epidemic and deliberate rumination were the main influencing factors of PTG among frontline nurses and accounted for 42.5% of the variance (F=31.626, p<0.001). Conclusions The PTG of frontline nurses was at a medium to high level and was influenced by working years, self-confidence in frontline work, awareness of risk, psychological intervention or training and deliberate rumination. It is necessary to strengthen psychological guidance and training for frontline nurses and promote their deliberate rumination on epidemic events to improve their PTG. Lisez l’article

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