Perceived stigma, substance use and self-medication in night-shift healthcare workers: a qualitative study

Source avec lien : BMC Health Services Research, 22(1). 10.1186/s12913-022-08018-x

Cette étude visait à explorer le lien entre la privation de sommeil, le stress psychosocial lié au travail et la consommation de substances psychoactives en tant que réponse d’automédication chez les travailleurs hospitaliers de nuit.

Many risk factors related to altered circadian rhythms impact the health of night-shift hospital workers (NSHW), resulting in mental and somatic disorders. Easy access to psychoactive substances (PS) may facilitate addictive behaviors in NSHW. They are also exposed to a stressful work environment, which may further affect sleep quality. This study aimed to explore the link between sleep deprivation, work-related psychosocial stress and psychoactive substance use as a self-medication response in NSHW.

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