Mental health of staff working in intensive care during COVID-19

Source avec lien : Occupational Medicine, (Prépublication), 13 janvier 2021. 10.1093/occmed/kqaa220

Le personnel travaillant dans les unités de soins intensifs a été confronté à des défis importants pendant la pandémie COVID-19, qui peuvent avoir un effet négatif sur sa santé mentale. Cette étude basée sur une enquête vise à identifier les taux de troubles probables de la santé mentale (dépression, symptômes d’anxiété, symptômes de stress post-traumatique, bien-être et consommation d’alcool) chez le personnel travaillant dans les unités de soins intensifs de neuf hôpitaux anglais au cours des mois de juin et juillet 2020.

Staff working in intensive care units (ICUs) have faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic which have the potential to adversely affect their mental health.To identify the rates of probable mental health disorder in staff working in ICUs in nine English hospitals during June and July 2020.An anonymized brief web-based survey comprising standardized questionnaires examining depression, anxiety symptoms, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), well-being and alcohol use was administered to staff.Seven hundred and nine participants completed the surveys comprising 291 (41%) doctors, 344 (49%) nurses and 74 (10%) other healthcare staff. Over half (59%) reported good well-being; however, 45% met the threshold for probable clinical significance on at least one of the following measures: severe depression (6%), PTSD (40%), severe anxiety (11%) or problem drinking (7%). Thirteen per cent of respondents reported frequent thoughts of being better off dead, or of hurting themselves in the past 2 weeks. Within the sample used in this study, we found that doctors reported better mental health than nurses across a range of measures.We found substantial rates of probable mental health disorders, and thoughts of self-harm, amongst ICU staff; these difficulties were especially prevalent in nurses. Whilst further work is needed to better understand the real level of clinical need amongst ICU staff, these results indicate the need for a national strategy to protect the mental health, and decrease the risk of functional impairment, of ICU staff whilst they carry out their essential work during COVID-19.

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