Mental health burden for the public affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in China: Who will be the high-risk group?

Source avec lien : Psychology, Health & Medicine, (Prépublication), 4/14/2020. 10.1080/13548506.2020.1754438

La revue Psychology, Health and Medicine a examiné les effets sur la santé mentale de la COVID-19 chez 7236 répondants chinois… Les personnes de moins de 35 ans ont été les plus touchées. Les travailleurs de la santé avaient le taux le plus élevé de troubles du sommeil, et ce taux augmentait plus ils passaient de temps au travail. Le journal recommande une surveillance continue de ces travailleurs pendant les flambées de cas. (Résumé par La Presse Canadienne)

In December, 2019, an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emerged in Wuhan, China and spread rapidly to other parts of China and around the world. We aimed to identify high-risk groups whose mental health conditions were vulnerable to the COVID-19 outbreak. Data were collected from 7,236 self-selected participants measured by anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, and sleep quality. The overall prevalence of anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, and poor sleep quality were 35.1%, 20.1%, and 18.2%, respectively. People aged < 35 years reported a higher prevalence of anxiety symptoms and depressive symptoms than people aged ≥ 35 years. Healthcare workers have the highest rate of poor sleep compared to other occupations. Healthcare workers/younger people who spent a high level of time (≥ 3 hours/day) had a particular higher prevalence of anxiety symptoms than in those who spent less time (< 1 hours/day and 1-2 hours/day) on the outbreak. During the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare workers and younger people were at an especially high-risk of displaying psychological impact when they spent too much time thinking about the outbreak. Continuous monitoring of the psychological consequences for high-risk population should become routine as part of targeted interventions during times of crisis.I Lisez l’article

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