Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing and Resilience of Advanced Clinical Practitioners in the United Kingdom during COVID-19.

Source avec lien : Journal of Nursing Management, (En ligne). 10.1111/jonm.13577

L’objectif de cette étude est d’étudier le bien-être émotionnel et spirituel et la résilience des praticiens cliniques avancés pendant le COVID.

Aim To investigate the emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience of Advanced Clinical Practitioners during COVID. Background Resilience is a protective factor for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The pandemic has taken a toll on health professionals due to significant physical and psychological pressures. The impact of COVID-19 on well-being and resilience of Advanced Clinical Practitioners is not known. Evaluation Three validated scales assessed resilience, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Seven hundred and thirty-four responses were analysed. Key Issues Participants have low levels of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Participants with higher levels of spirituality reported greater resilience and those with higher levels of resilience reported greater wellbeing. Conclusion Advanced Clinical Practitioners’ emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience has been impacted significantly during the pandemic. Interventions are needed at team, service and systems levels to enhance well-being and resilience. Implications for Nursing Management Worryingly low levels of wellbeing and resilience in Advanced Clinical Practitioners have been found, support to increase wellbeing and resilience is needed. Our findings can inform policies, resources and interventions aimed at enabling positive adaptation and enhanced resilience. Understanding and responding to the scale and impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers has become a key government recommendation following the pandemic.

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