Approaching the study of cyberbullying towards social workers from a systems perspective

Source avec lien : Aggression and Violent Behavior, Prépublication, 8/20/2019. 10.1016/j.avb.2019.08.004

Cet article propose d’appliquer l’approche par systèmes développée en ingénierie de la sécurité, comme cadre théorique possible pour les enquêtes sur la cyberintimidation. Au cœur de l’approche par systèmes se trouve la conceptualisation de la relation entre les personnes et la technologie en tant que système conjoint, l’accent étant mis sur la façon dont elle interagit avec l’environnement en général. En examinant la cyberintimidation sous l’angle des systèmes, on élargit considérablement l’analyse des facteurs qui influencent le comportement, en accordant une plus grande attention aux arrangements sociaux.

To date, cyberbullying research has been conducted without coherent, shared conceptual and operational definitions and with no clear, agreed theoretical ground. Hence, there is great confusion as to how to classify, measure and analyze this phenomenon. In response, this article proposes applying the systems approach developed in safety engineering, as a possible theoretical framework for investigation into cyberbullying. Central to the systems approach is the conceptualization of the relationship between people and technology as a joint system, with the focus of exploration being on how it interacts with the wider environment. Looking at cyberbullying through the systems lens dramatically broadens the analysis of the factors that influence behavior, with greater attention paid to the social arrangements. The current article illustrates how the core systems concepts of “socio-technical systems,” “emergent,” “multiple levels of analysis,” and “local rationality” can be transferred to the context of client cyberbullying towards professionals – specifically social workers – and contribute new knowledge and understanding to what seems to be developing into a serious problem.

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