A Prescription for Resilience: Evaluating a Measure of Leader Resilience in Hospital Pharmacy Departments

Source avec lien : Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 63(8), . 10.1097/JOM.0000000000002224

Dans le monde entier, les dirigeants ont besoin de stratégies pour maintenir leur performance et leur bien-être, ainsi que ceux de leurs équipes, tout en gérant et en s’adaptant à l’incertitude, aux turbulences du lieu de travail et aux exigences professionnelles élevées. Cette étude évalue l’échelle de résilience au travail Leader 180 qui évalue les comportements des leaders qui favorisent ou nuisent à la résilience des autres.

Objective: Globally, leaders require strategies to sustain the performance and well-being of themselves and their teams while managing and adapting to uncertainty, workplace turbulence, and high job demands. This study evaluates the Resilience at Work Leader 180 Scale assessing leader behaviors that either promote or detract from resilience in others. Method: Study participants comprised Australian pharmacy employees (N = 80) in two groups made up of the senior leadership team (n = 10) and their direct report employees (n = 70). A mixed-methods design was employed using a directed content analysis. Results: Results indicate that the Resilience at Work Leader 180 Scale provides insight into leader behaviors that foster or detract from employee resilience. Conclusion: This scale is of value to researchers and organizations interested in a measure of leader resilience.

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