The Effect of Hypochlorous Acid on the Filtration Performance and Bacterial Decontamination of N95 Filtering Facemask Respirators

Source avec lien : American Journal of Infection Control, (En ligne). 10.1016/j.ajic.2022.07.013

L’acide hypochloreux stabilisé (HOCl) est de plus en plus utilisé comme désinfectant et antiseptique dans les hôpitaux, mais son effet sur les masques respiratoires filtrants N95 (FFR) est inconnu. Ces FFR pourraient également contribuer à la transmission d’infections nosocomiales par voie fomique s’ils sont portés de manière prolongée entre les chambres des patients.

Background Stabilized Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is increasingly used as a hospital disinfectant and antiseptic, yet its effect on N95 filtration facemask respirators (FFR) is unknown. These FFRs could also contribute to fomite-based transmission of nosocomial infections if worn for extended use between patient rooms. Methods Filtration performance of N95 FFR fabric swatches was assessed after various levels of HOCl exposure. N95 swatches were then contaminated with 108 E. coli or 108 Staph aureus and treated with HOCl solution, 70% ethyl alcohol, or normal saline. Surviving bacterial numbers were assessed by plate counts. Results The size-dependent filtration efficiency of HOCl-sprayed N95 FFR fabric ranged from 96 to 100%, showing no significant change. Flow resistance testing revealed almost no change compared to control. Submersion in HOCl, but not spraying, had an excellent bactericidal effect on contaminated swatches. Discussion The role of the outer hydrophobic layer of N95 FFRs is discussed regarding the effects of HOCl on filtration and bacterial decontamination. Conclusion N95 material, sprayed with or briefly submerged in HOCl, maintained its filtration function. HOCl delivery by spray pump, however, would not accomplish decontamination of extended use FFRs between patient encounters. HOCl submersion of intact FFRs, contaminated with various hospital pathogens, is worth further study.

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