Nurses’ psychological trauma: “They leave me lying awake at night”

Source avec lien : Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 34(3), 6/1/2020. 10.1016/j.apnu.2020.04.011

Objectif Décrire les traumatismes psychologiques personnels et professionnels des infirmières. Méthodes Une analyse de contenu de 372 réponses concernant les traumatismes personnels et professionnels a été effectuée.

Objective To describe nurses’ personal and professional psychological trauma. Methods A content analysis of 372 responses surrounding personal and professional trauma was performed. Results Five themes emerged. A new type of trauma was uncovered, heretofore undescribed in the literature: insufficient resource trauma caused by a lack of resources and staff needed to render quality, safe care. Conclusion Nurses’ reports were vivid, frequently indicating they were still recovering from traumatic experiences. Professional sources of trauma were categorized as inherent in the role of the nurse and those that could be mitigated through organizational policy, adequate resources, and oversight.

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