NFPA 1585, Standard for Exposure and Contamination Control is available for public review through June 1

Source avec lien : NFPA, 2022-03-28.

NFPA 1585, Standard for Exposure and Contamination Control est une nouvelle norme proposée sur les exigences minimales d’un programme de contrôle de l’exposition et de la contamination pour les opérations et la formation sur les scènes d’incidents des services d’urgence.

NFPA 1585, Standard for Exposure and Contamination Control is a proposed, new standard on the minimum requirements for an exposure and contamination control program for emergency services incident scene operations and training. The draft standard contains minimum criteria for exposure and contamination control in emergency services facilities, in emergency vehicles and apparatus, during procedures at an incident scene, and at any other area where emergency service members are involved in routine or emergency operations. NFPA 1585 is intended to be applied to public, military, private, and industrial emergency services departments providing law enforcement, rescue, fire suppression, fire investigation, and emergency medical services, as well as other emergency services and special operations. As currently written, the standard specifically will not apply to hazardous material incidents or infectious disease exposures. The NFPA Standards Council approved the new project in August 2019 in response to an identified need for a comprehensive and overarching standard on the topic. Earlier that year, the Council had convened a task group of industry experts and stakeholders to review the existing requirements for exposure and contamination control across all NFPA standards to determine if a new approach would better address stakeholder needs. By that time, many NFPA technical committees had already incorporated contamination control requirements into their standards in an ad hoc fashion. But the limited scopes of each committee and standard led to a patchwork of procedures and terminology that did not always work together, without conflict or without duplication. Following the recommendations from the task group, the Council established the new Technical Committee on Emergency Responders Occupational Health to oversee the development of a new standard, NFPA 1585. In April 2020, the Council expanded the committee’s responsibilities to include a suite of responder health, medical, and wellness standards to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to responders’ occupational health issues. In addition to NFPA 1585, the suite includes: NFPA 1581, Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program NFPA 1582, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments NFPA 1583, Standard on Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members NFPA 1584, Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises The newly established technical committee held its first meeting in January 2020 and continued to work throughout 2020 and 2021 to develop the initial draft of NFPA 1585. The finalized draft brings together many of the existing requirements currently found in other NFPA standards, which individually address personal protective equipment, tools, apparatus, facilities, and operations. Once the first edition of NFPA 1585 is issued, the Council has directed that future editions of these other standards should reference or extract the requirements of NFPA 1585. Interested in seeing the proposed draft of NFPA 1585? The full text of the draft is available for public review at Public input will be accepted through June 1, 2022.

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