Still an Epidemic: The Burnout Syndrome in Hospital Registered Nurses

Source avec lien : The Health Care Manager, 38(1), Mar-19. 10.1097/HCM.0000000000000243

L’épuisement professionnel des infirmières – état dans lequel la personne se sent surmenée par le travail au point de se sentir fatiguée, incapable de faire face aux exigences du travail et incapable d’engager avec les autres – est une préoccupation réelle, rapporté dans de nombreux hôpitaux. L’objectif de cette recherche était d’examiner les causes et les conséquences de l’épuisement professionnel chez les infirmières dans les hôpitaux des États-Unis ainsi que son rôledans la pénurie des infirmières dans les hôpitaux.

The number of registered nurses (RNs) in the United States is roughly 3 times the number of physicians and surgeons, making RNs a critically important component of the US health care system. Registered nurse burnout—the state of emotional exhaustion in which the individual feels overwhelmed by work to the point of feeling fatigued, unable to face the demands of the job, and unable to engage with others—is a real concern, having been reported in many hospitals. The purpose of this research was to examine the causes and consequences of burnout syndrome among RNs in US hospitals and its role in the RN shortage in hospitals. The methodology involved a review of the literature and semistructured interviews. Seven primary databases, 2 websites, and 43 articles were consulted in this project. Findings indicated that burnout syndrome in RNs can be analyzed in terms of 4 clusters of characteristics: individual, management, organizational, and work. The consequences of burnout syndrome have increased RN turnover rates, poor job performance, and threats to patient safety. Burnout syndrome was more prevalent in hospitals with a higher number of patients per nurse and among younger RNs. Registered nurse burnout in hospitals has negatively impacted the quality of care, patient safety, and the functioning of staff workers in the health care industry.

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