Covid-19 and Safe Patient Handling and Mobility in the Netherlands

Source avec lien : International Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM), 10(2), juin 2020.

Cet article fait le tour d’expériences des professionnels en déplacement de personnes aux Pays-Bas durant la première vague, particulièrement dans les unités de soins intensifs.

The COVID-19 pandemic started in the Netherlands at the end of February in the southern part of the country. That was the region where traditionally carnival is celebrated with a lot of people having fun in close physical contact. At the same time, there was an early spring holiday where people went to the northern parts of Italy for skiing. That region in Italy (Lombardy) was heavily affected by the coronavirus. Some people unknowingly became infected with COVID-19 and took it home with them. It is suggested that those 2 factors triggered the epidemic in the small and densely populated country of the Netherlands, although, it has been implied there were earlier cases that were probably COVID-19-related but were not diagnosed as such.

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