Workaholism and work engagement: how are they similar? How are they different? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Source avec lien : European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 3/16/2019.

Le workaholisme et l’engagement au travail peuvent être décrits, respectivement, comme la forme pathologique et la forme saine d’investissement lourd dans le travail. Les deux ne sont pas clairement et adéquatement distingués par les chercheurs car ils semblent présenter certaines caractéristiques qui se chevauchent. Le but de cette enquête était de méta-analyser les études disponibles, sélectionnées par une revue systématique, sur les relations entre les sous-dimensions du workaholism et l’engagement au travail.

Workaholism and work engagement can be depicted, respectively, as the pathological and the healthy form of heavy work investment. In spite of their different definitions and outcomes on individual and organizational life, workaholism and work engagement are not clearly and adequately distinguished by scholars and researchers as they appear to show some overlapping features. The aim of this investigation was to meta-analyze available studies, selected by systematic review, on the relations between subdimensions of workaholism and work engagement. Thirty-five studies were eligible for analysis. Associations emerged between Working Excessively and Absorption (g = .34), Working Compulsively and Absorption (g = .28), and Working Excessively and Dedication (g = .14). Moreover, the results were not influenced by publication bias and showed nationality to be a significant moderator. Overall, these findings suggest that further research is necessary to extend our knowledge of workaholism, work engagement, and the relationship between the two, in order to disentangle commonalities and differences between them.

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