Work Absence Following COVID-19 Vaccination in a Cohort of Healthcare Personnel

Source avec lien : Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 64(1). 10.1097/JOM.0000000000002376

L’objectif de cette étude était d’identifier les taux d’absence au travail après la réception du vaccin COVID-19 dans une cohorte de personnel de santé (PSS).

Objective:  To identify rates of work absence following receipt of COVID-19 vaccine in a cohort of healthcare personnel (HCP). Methods:  Short-term disability (STD) usage by HCP attributed to side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine was calculated for each vaccine manufacturer, job category, age group, and work region. Analysis was performed for the cohort of HCP during the initial vaccination campaign. Results:  4.1% of COVID-19 vaccinations generated a STD claim for lost work due to side effects, with increased STD rates after dose 2 than dose 1 (7.4% and 0.9%, respectively). Rates were higher for younger HCP and allied health staff. Conclusions:  While side effects from mRNA vaccine dose 2 resulted in more work absence, statistically significant geographic differences in STD suggest cultural and staffing factors may impact HCP to utilize STD following vaccination.

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