Value of occupational health research

Source avec lien : Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 76(12), 12/1/2019. 10.1136/oemed-2019-106091

L’objectif de ce rapport était d’évaluer la valeur de la recherche sur la santé au travail. Pour ce faire, les auteurs ont entrepris un examen de la portée des évaluations économiques des interventions en santé au travail (un aspect de la recherche) et mené une série de neuf entrevues avec des experts universitaires, des prestataires de services de santé au travail et des représentants des employeurs et gouvernements au Royaume-Uni et au niveau international.

Most readers of this journal would recognise that occupational health (OH) research is valuable. The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM), a UK-based organisation for healthcare professionals working in or with an interest in OH, recently released a report where the objective was to assess the value of OH research.1 To do this, they undertook a scoping review of economic evaluations of OH interventions (one aspect of OH research) and conducted a series of nine interviews with academic experts, OH providers and representatives from employers and governments in the UK and internationally. Based on these activities, they concluded that, while there is a strong case supporting the societal and public value of OH research, there is a lack of high-quality intervention studies that demonstrate the economic value of OH interventions. The report also provides nine recommendations which emphasise: the need for leadership and coordination of OH research both in the research agenda and the dissemination of research findings; developing and expanding the OH research workforce; using new technologies; and placing more emphasis on gathering data which shows the value of OH research. The SOM report comments on the decreasing size of the OHS research workforce, and the ageing of the current cohort of researchers. The authors also lament the lack of clear pathways to a career in OHS research. …

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