Usability and user experience of medical devices: An overview of the current state, analysis methodologies, and future challenges

Source avec lien : International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 76, 3/1/2020. 10.1016/j.ergon.2020.102932

Il y a un manque de recherche sur la convivialité et l’expérience des utilisateurs (UX) dans le domaine médical. Cette étude s’est penchée sur la convivialité et l’expérience utilisateur des dispositifs médicaux par le biais d’une analyse de la littérature. Les normes internationales relatives à la convivialité des dispositifs médicaux ont été analysées. Les résultats fournissent une référence sur la manière dont les concepteurs de soins de santé devraient traiter la convivialité.

Improvements to the reliability and safety of medical devices are vital for healthcare systems. It is necessary to consider the user experience (UX) of patients and healthcare professionals at all the development stages of medical devices. Ergonomic design principles can also reduce the cost of medical device production. This study is a multilateral analytical literature review of UX and usability issues in healthcare and medical device design. The total number of literature sources presented is n = 88. The literature sources are classified according to the difference between UX and usability for various target products and services, including healthcare. The literature is reviewed with a focus on human-oriented aspects. This includes medical technology and device design, which are dependent on the user type, medical device scope, and area of use. A review of key medical device standards and regulation documents is presented. The main analysis methodologies for the UX and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. The future challenges in healthcare and medical ergonomics are briefly highlighted. Above all, this study tried to examine the difference between usability and UX of general products and those of medical devices through the review of existing literature. Even standards do not reflect this well and need to be considered based on further research in academia and industry. Relevance to industry The obtained results will help medical-device designers and healthcare professionals understand the main medical-research trends and improve the design process. Additionally, they will be helpful for increasing the satisfaction level among medical-device users and reducing user risks.

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