Telework benefits and associated health problems during the long COVID-19 era

Source avec lien : Work, 71(2). 10.3233/WOR-210691

L’objectif de cette étude était de reconnaître les avantages et les problèmes de santé associés au télétravail et évaluer la relation entre certaines caractéristiques des télétravailleurs, leurs problèmes de santé, la satisfaction au travail et la récupération pour promouvoir les pratiques de télétravail.

BACKGROUND: Teleworking became a necessary practice as an alternative to office work during the long COVID-19 era. OBJECTIVES: To recognize the telework associated benefits and health problems and to assess the relationship between some teleworkers’ characteristics, their health problems with job satisfaction and recuperation for promoting telework practices. METHODS: A cross-sectional online survey was conducted among employees working remotely in different work sectors using a questionnaire assessing job satisfaction and recuperation. RESULTS: Telework benefits included saving time and money (89.3%), minimizing the COVID-19 spread (86.9%), and balancing of work and life (63.4%). Telework associated health problems included musculoskeletal (78.2%), work-related stress (65.9%), and visual problems (47%). Telework job satisfaction was significantly higher among married male workers, working less than 40hs/week, and with previous remote working experience before COVID-19. On the other hand, married female teleworkers working more than 40hs/week and without previous remote working experience before COVID-19 had significantly more perceived fatigue and less recuperation. All teleworkers with reported health problems showed significantly more perceived fatigue and less recuperation. CONCLUSIONS: More than half of the participants recommended continuing teleworking post-COVID-19 due to its benefits on their working and social life. Telework would enables the employers to adapt and satisfy the teleworkers’ expectations to maintain their work and productivity.

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