Simulating a Hockey Hub COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Facility

Source avec lien : Healthcare, 10(5). 10.3390/healthcare10050843

Dans cet article, nous présentons un outil de simulation qui a été créé pour modéliser le fonctionnement d’une clinique de type hockey hub. Cet outil a été développé à l’aide d’AnyLogic et simule le processus de déplacement des individus dans une clinique de vaccination de type centre de hockey.

Mass vaccination is proving to be the most effective method of disease control, and several methods have been developed for the operation of mass vaccination clinics to administer vaccines safely and quickly. One such method is known as the hockey hub model, a relatively new method that involves isolating vaccine recipients in individual cubicles for the entire duration of the vaccination process. Healthcare staff move between the cubicles and administer vaccines. This allows for faster vaccine delivery and less recipient contact. In this paper we present a simulation tool which has been created to model the operation of a hockey hub clinic. This tool was developed using AnyLogic and simulates the process of individuals moving through a hockey hub vaccination clinic. To demonstrate this model, we simulate six scenarios comprising three different arrival rates with and without physical distancing. Findings demonstrate that the hockey hub method of vaccination clinic can function at a large capacity with minimal impact on wait times.

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