Reported Injuries from Sharp Objects among Healthcare Workers in Central Greece

Source avec lien : Healthcare, 10(7). 10.3390/healthcare10071249

L’objectif de cette étude est d’estimer le nombre de blessures par objet tranchant chez les travailleurs de la santé (TS) en Grèce centrale.

Sharp injuries (SIs) are incidents or accidents caused by a needle, blades (such as scalpels) or other medical instruments which penetrate the skin. They are among the major work-related injuries in healthcare professionals. The purpose of this study is to estimate SIs in healthcare workers (HCWs) in Central Greece. Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study through an online survey in healthcare facilities in Central Greece was conducted. Snowball sampling contributed to further dissemination of the survey among the target population. The modified version of the EPINet questionnaire was used with self-reported answers of the participants via electronic Google form. Results: Analysis of collected data indicated that 74.1% of the participants had at least one injury, with the highest number of injuries occurring in nursing staff at 65.1% and 62.3% of injuries recorded in the morning shift. With respect to the site of the injury, participants reported 33.1% of the injuries in the patient’s room, 11.8% in the nurse’s station, 9.6% in the Emergency Department (ED), 9.2% in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 8.4% in blood sampling, 8.4% in surgery, and only 7.8% in laboratories or other places. Additionally, hands were the most frequently affected body part (96%), while 69.6% of the workers did not report the injury and 53% of them did not apply the procedures and guidelines defined by the healthcare organization (employer). Relative factors to the injury are age, level of education, shifts, and possibly sex. Conclusions: SIs are the “Achilles heel” of health workers. The high incidence and low reporting rate of SIs highlights the need for specialized training and education. Age, work experience, and shift appear to significantly affect the incidence of injury.

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