Longer working hours and musculoskeletal pain: A Meta-analysis

Source avec lien : International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics: JOSE, (Prépublication). 10.1080/10803548.2022.2036488

Les douleurs musculo-squelettiques sont les problèmes de santé les plus courants sur le lieu de travail, et l’un des principaux facteurs de risque de ces douleurs est l’allongement des horaires de travail. Cette étude visait à examiner l’association entre les longues heures de travail et les douleurs musculo-squelettiques.

INTRODUCTION: Musculoskeletal pains are the most common health problems in the workplace, and one of the most important risk factors for these pains is longer working hours. This study aimed to investigate the association between long working hours and musculoskeletal pain. METHODS: Based on the keywords, two scientific sources, including PubMed and Embase, were reviewed. Time limit search included articles that were published until May 2020 and only published studies in English were eligible. The results of the studies were combined based on random effects and pooled odds ratio reported. The degree of heterogeneity in all analyzes was investigated and reported based on tests ᵡ2 and I2. Publishing bias was also measured using statistical tests. RESULTS: Longer working hours are associated with increased musculoskeletal pain with Odd ratio (OR) =1.11 and 95% confidence interval (CI) [1.08, 1.14]. The result was OR=1.52 and 95% CI [1.14, 2.03] in men and OR=1.11 and 95% CI [1.00, 1.24] in women. DISCUSSION: Long working hours are an important and threatening factor for musculoskeletal health. Therefore, this issue should be considered in health policy as well as treatment and prevention.

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