How Do You Deal With Death and Dying?

Source avec lien : Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 23(3), 6/1/2019. 10.1188/19.CJON.336

Cet article témoigne de l’impact des soins de fin de vie sur le personnel infirmier en oncologie et offre un aperçu des ressources disponibles, qu’il s’agisse de services de soutien (conseils, soins pastoraux ou spirituels, interventions post-crise) ou de formation sur les soins de fin de vie.

Oncology nursing is a rewarding, challenging, and ever-changing specialty. Oncology affords the nurse an opportunity to care for individuals with unique, complex issues during his or her cancer journey. I assumed that, at some point, I would care for a patient who may not have a positive outcome. It became clear to me that I would be there during the dying process and, subsequently, face issues related to the death of a patient. I really thought I knew what I was getting into; however, I now understand that I was not sufficiently prepared.

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