Factors that influence the quality of worklife of first-line nurse managers in a French Canadian Healthcare system

Source avec lien : Journal of Hospital Administration, 8(4), 5/30/2019. 10.5430/jha.v8n4p1

Au Canada, les réformes des soins de santé publics ont eu un impact considérable sur les infirmières gestionnaires de première ligne, ce qui pourrait avoir un effet négatif sur leur qualité de vie au travail (QVT). Cette étude quantitative cherchait à explorer les facteurs qui influent positivement et négativement sur la QVT des infirmières gestionnaires de première ligne parmi les établissements de santé dans une perspective humaniste.

Aim(s): This quantitative study sought to explore the factors that influence positively and negatively the quality of work life (QWL) of first-line nurse managers (FLNMs) among healthcare institutions from a humanistic standpoint.

Background: In Canada, the public healthcare reforms have had a considerable impact on FLNMs, which could have a negative effect on the FLNMs’ QWL.

Method: A quantitative descriptive design was conducted with FLNMs (n = 291) using a Web online survey to identify the factors that influenced favorably and unfavorably the FLNMs’ QWL. A statistical analysis (SPSS software, version 22 for Windows 7) of Quebec’s French Web survey questionnaire highlight was used to conduct this descriptive study.

Results: The quantitative results show some significant connections between socio-demographic characteristics, such as age and years of experience, and the choice of factors that affect QWL of FLNMs . The most important favourable factors were the actualization of leadership and political skills to improve quality of nursing, the contextual elements conducive to organizational humanization and the organizational support promoting personal and socioprofessional fulfillment. On the opposite, the main unfavourable factors were the organizational dehumanization, the undesirable working conditions in nursing management and the insufficient coaching of novice nurse managers.

Conclusion: Healthcare organizations should develop a QWL program and policies to provide information on nursing management humanistic practices. These findings enable us to provide recommendations in the fourth domains of nursing practice.

Implications for nursing management: Healthcare administrators must consider strategies to maximize the QWL of the next generation of FLNMs in healthcare institutions.

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