Comparison of operating room nurses’ satisfaction and preferences in using personal protective equipment for eye protection in the COVID-19 pandemic

Source avec lien : International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics: JOSE, (En ligne). 10.1080/10803548.2022.2035988

Cette étude visait à comparer les problèmes, la satisfaction et les préférences des infirmières de salle d’opération concernant l’utilisation d’équipements de protection individuelle pour la protection des yeux pendant les opérations lors de la pandémie de COVID-19.

AIM: This study aimed to compare the problems, satisfaction, and preferences of operating room nurses about the use of personal protective equipment for eye protection during operations in the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: This prospective quasi-experimental study was conducted in April 2021 in the operating room of a hospital in Turkey. The sample of this study consisted of 35 nurses who met the inclusion criteria. The evaluation of three types of eye protection equipment (goggles, goggle-type face shield, and face shield) was repeated in the same group on consecutive days. RESULTS: : The comparison of the problems related to the use of personal protective equipment indicated that the highest rate of fogging (91.4%) was observed in goggles (p <0.001), and skin injuries (28.6%) were experienced in goggles and face shields (p = 0.002). It was observed that operating room nurses were most satisfied (7.2 ± 1.4) with goggle-type face shields and ranked them in first place (80%) (p <0.001). CONCLUSION: : According to the results of this research, it was found that the personal protective equipment for eye protection that was the least problematic, provided the most satisfaction, and was ranked in first place during the pandemic was the goggle-type face shield. Consultez la page de l’article

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