A study on the severity and prevention measures of COVID-19 among dental professionals in clinical practice management

Source avec lien : Work, 70(2). 10.3233/WOR-213602

Les professionnels de la santé, en particulier les professionnels dentaires, ont été affectés par la pandémie de COVID-19 en raison d’un risque accru d’exposition des patients en raison du contact étroit pendant les traitements. Cette étude visait à évaluer les connaissances sur la maladie et les moyens de précaution à prendre pendant la pandémie.

BACKGROUND: Medical professionals, especially dental professionals, have been adversely affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 due to an increased chance of exposure to patients because of close contact during treatments. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to evaluate knowledge about the disease and assess ways of precautions to be taken during the pandemic. METHODS: A questionnaire was developed and registered at Google Forms. The study population included dental practitioners, working in hospitals and clinics. A total of 495 dental practitioners from 14 different countries across the world responded. Most dentists were aware of the required modifications in the management of patients. The points allotted for each correct/best answer by participants for a group of questions regarding each component (Knowledge, Perceptions, and Practices) were added/summed to generate an overall score for each of the three components. RESULTS: Both univariate and multivariate analysis employed for the evaluation of results. Moreover, the total practice score was significantly associated with gender and sector of practice. Multivariable analysis model using multiple linear regressions was formulated by including those variables which were significant at the univariate stage. Hence, the practice sector was the only variable found to be significantly associated with the total knowledge score (p-value < 0.05). Conclusion: This study, based on our experience and relevant guidelines and research, introduces essential knowledge about COVID-19 and infection in dental settings. Lisez l’article

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