Workers doing vigorous, tiring activity all day no healthier than those who are least active

Source avec lien : At Work, (En ligne).

Quelle quantité d’activité physique les travailleurs canadiens pratiquent-ils réellement dans une journée, et à quel moment ? Et quels types de mouvements sont associés à des risques plus faibles de maladies cardiovasculaires ?

How much physical activity do Canadian workers actually do in a day, and when? And what patterns of movement are associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease? An Institute for Work & Health (IWH) study drew on activity tracker data to answer these questions. It found that people who were sedentary—i.e. who did little physical activity throughout the day—had the highest risk of heart disease compared to most other groups. No surprise there. What is surprising, however, was how their heart health risk compared with those who did vigorous, tiring work all day.

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