Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in COVID 19 Pandemic: Related Symptoms and Adverse Reactions in Healthcare Workers and General Population

Source avec lien : Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 63(2), . 10.1097/JOM.0000000000002100

L’objectif de cette étude était d’évaluer la prévalence des symptômes et des effets indésirables liés aux équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) lors des pandémies de coronavirus 2019.

Objectives: To assess prevalence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-related symptoms and adverse reactions during Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemics. Methods: We conducted an observational study among people exposed to various degree of infectious risk. Data were collected with a self-administered online questionnaire. Results: The entire cohort complained about a wide range of adverse reactions: respiratory symptoms affected 80.3% of respondents, 68.5% referred pressure-related skin lesions, fewer manifested a dermatosis of different grade or ocular symptoms. Most of the affected individuals belonged to healthcare staff and manifestations were predicted by wearing time (more than 6 h/d). Moreover, symptoms were higher in the healthcare staff wearing N95/FFP2 respirator mask. Conclusions: Given the crucial role of PPE to contain the pandemic infection, more attention has to be paid to exposed categories, establishing preventive measure of side effects to ensure total safety.

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