Personal protective equipment in Covid-19: evidence-based quality and analysis of YouTube™ videos after one year of pandemic

Source avec lien : American Journal of Infection Control, (Prépublication). 10.1016/j.ajic.2021.11.013

L’utilisation correcte des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) pendant la pandémie de Covid-19 est obligatoire pour minimiser le risque de contagion. L’étude actuelle visait à évaluer la qualité des informations des vidéos YouTube™ sur l’utilisation des EPI pendant la pandémie.

Background The correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the Covid-19 pandemic is mandatory to minimize the contagion risk. The current study aimed to evaluate quality information of YouTube™ videos on PPE use during the pandemic. Materials and methods Using Google™ Trend tool, the frequency of worldwide YouTube™ and Google™ searches for “donning and doffing” was examined. We queried YouTube™ with terms related to donning and doffing of PPE. Validated quality information assessment tools were used. Results From the 1st December 2019 to the 31st January 2021, according to YouTube™ and Google™ searches, both peaks occurred in April 2020 (69.5 and 72.0%,respectively). Of all videos, 144 were eligible for the analyses. According to misinformation tool, 90 (62.5%) videos contained inaccuracies. The median DISCERN Section 1 ranged from 3 to 5. The median DISCERN Section 3 was 4. According to Global Quality Score, 8.3% (n=12), 14.6% (n=21), 22.9% (n=33), 30.6% (n=44) and 23.6% (n=34) were classified as poor, partially poor, moderate, partially good and excellent quality videos, respectively. Conclusions Nowadays, YouTube™ may be recommended as a reliable source of information. Nevertheless, a not negligible number of videos contained inaccuracies. Future authors should improve videos contents to provide more complete information.

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