New CSA standard addresses mental health for paramedic community

Une nouvelle norme CSA cible la protection de la santé psychologique des 40 000 paramédics du Canada. Son objectif est d’aider les paramédics et leurs employeurs à sensibiliser les personnes sur les préjugés et le harcèlement; identifier les sources de stress et les risques psychologiques reliés à ce travail; considérer des changements et contrôles pour aider à contrer ces risques.

Extrait de l’article

A new standard has been released to protect the psychological safety of Canada’s 40,000 paramedics. The CSA standard will address the unique needs of people working in this profession as they experience some of the highest levels of mental illness in the country. […] Paramedics face particular challenges and occupational health and safety issues every day, including: psychological trauma and stress; physical challenges like shift work and extended work periods; and exposure to harsh work environments, such as fires, explosions or violent scenarios. The goal of the standard is to assist paramedic workers and their employers with the following: raising awareness of stigma and harassment; identifying sources of stress and psychological hazards associated with the job; and looking into changes and controls that could help address these hazards.
New CSA standard addresses mental health for paramedic community, 2018. Canadian Occupational Safety [en ligne]. N° August / September 2018.


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