Supporting older people with multimorbidity: The care burden of home health-care assistants in Ireland

Source avec lien : Home Health Care Services Quarterly, Prépublication, 5/18/2019. 10.1080/01621424.2019.1614506

The treatment burden inherent in self-managing multiple chronic conditions (multimorbidity) is recognized, but there has been little examination of the care burden experienced by paid home health-care assistants (HCAs) who support older people with multimorbidity. Focus groups were conducted with HCAs in Ireland and data were coded using a thematic analysis approach. Care burden of HCAs was linked with lack of knowledge and information, poor communication, insufficient time and resources, gaps in medication support and work-related stress. Strategies are required to reduce the care burden of HCAs, who are essential stakeholders supporting growing numbers of older people with multimorbidity.

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