Abolishing bugs : bright ideas for preventing infection

Source avec lien : Healthcare Purchasing News, 43(3), Mar-19.

Cet article décrit sept initiatives mises en œuvre par des équipes cliniques travaillant dans des organisations de soins de santé à travers le pays pour aider leurs patients à rester sans infection et sur le chemin d’une meilleure expérience de guérison.

Infection-prevention and –control professionals are on the front-lines every-day fighting one of the most harmful enemies their patients will ever encounter: healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). It’s no easy task, but when clinical teams follow evidence-based guidelines and practices, engage facility-wide cooperation in the effort, and adopt products and services that are proven to work, healthcare providers do succeed. Every positive outcome matters : no favorable change in infection rates is too small to consider important in this battle because every life saved counts, and every bit of suffering reduced is monumental. Here’s a snapshot of what clinical teams working in healthcare organizations across the country are doing to help keep their patients infection-free and on their way to a better healing experience.

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