Wearables transforming safety management in high-risk industries

Source avec lien : Canadian Occupational Safety, (April / May 2019) 2019.

La surveillance (des risques, de la fatigue, de la technique de levage), l’assistance en direct aux travailleurs dans des situations dangereuses, le renforcement positif de bonnes habitudes de travail sont parmi les exemples donnés dans cet article sur les technologies portables sur le lieu de travail.Monitoring (hazards, fatigue, lifting technique), live assistance to workers in danger, positive reinforcement of good work habits are among the examples given in this article on wearable technologies in the workplace.

In recent years, advances in wearable technology have taken safety management in new directions. With sensors or wearables embedded in personal protective equipment (PPE), safety managers can gain a great deal of information, from the number of times a worker lifts a heavy object correctly to that worker’s level of engagement in safety. A variety of new systems have recently come on the market, and while they should not be seen as a silver bullet, wearable devices offer innovative ways to improve safety.

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