Interim Measles Infection Prevention Recommendations in Healthcare Settings

Source avec lien : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7/23/2019.

Recommandations et lignes directrices pour prévenir la transmission de la rougeole dans les établissements de santé. Comprend des recommandations sur la vaccination du personnel soignant, les EPI et le placement des patients.

Measles is most commonly spread from person to person either at home or in public settings, but it can also spread in healthcare settings. While the most important way to prevent the spread of measles is community vaccination, core measles prevention in healthcare settings requires a multi-faceted approach including : ensuring healthcare personnel (HCP) have presumptive evidence of immunity to measles; rapidly identifying and isolating patients with known or suspected measles; adhering to Standard and Airborne Precautions for patients with known or suspected measles; routinely promoting and facilitating respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette; and appropriately managing exposed and ill HCP CDC’s interim guidance should be implemented as part of a comprehensive infection prevention program to prevent the spread of germs among patients, healthcare providers, and visitors.

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