An Unusual and Persistent Needlestick

Source avec lien : Hospital Employee Health, 39(1), janvier 2020.

Grâce à un vaste effort de vaccination de masse contre la grippe qui a doublé en tant qu’exercice d’urgence, un système de santé du Delaware a récemment vacciné un nombre stupéfiant de 8 035 employés en une seule journée. Un tel effort nécessite un soutien administratif et de planification considérable, mais il y a une multitude de points positifs – dont le moindre n’est pas de préparer une grande partie du personnel à la saison de la grippe avant que le virus annuel ne commence à circuler.

Home » Newsletters » Hospital Employee Health January 1, 2020 View Archived Issues Mass Flu Shots of More than 8,000 Healthcare Workers in One Day Through a wide-reaching mass flu immunization effort that doubled as an emergency drill, a healthcare system in Delaware recently vaccinated a staggering 8,035 employees in a single day. Such an effort takes considerable planning and administrative support, but there are a multitude of positives — not the least of which is readying a large portion of staff for flu season before the annual virus starts circulating. Read More Sharps Injuries: Emotional, Statistical Challenges The emotional toll of needlesticks and sharps injuries to healthcare workers often is overshadowed by the sheer numbers and statistical analysis. The ongoing study of sharps injuries and exposures in healthcare workers is supported by The Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare. Read More An Unusual and Persistent Needlestick A lab worker sustained a needlestick exposure to the Vaccinia virus (VACV) — an Orthopoxvirus used in biomedical research — and was removed from work for four months, the CDC reported. In December 2018, a healthy, 26-year-old female laboratorian was injecting VACV into the tail of a mouse when she sustained a needlestick injury to her left index finger.

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