Acute Effects of Interrupting Sitting on Discomfort and Alertness of Office Workers

Cette étude avait pour objectif de comparer l’effet de trois conditions (maintien d’une posture assise en continu pendant 4 heures, posture assise assorti de 10 minutes/heure debout, ou posture assise assortie de  10 minutes/heure à pédaler) sur l’attention et l’inconfort de travailleurs de bureau sédentaires.

Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the effect of 4 hours of sitting interrupted with hourly bouts of standing and/or pedaling versus uninterrupted sitting on alertness and discomfort among sedentary office workers.
Methods: Fifteen middle-aged sedentary workers were randomized to three 4-hour conditions: (1) uninterrupted sitting; (2) sitting interrupted with 10 minutes of standing/hour; and (3) sitting interrupted with 10 minutes of pedaling/hour. Self-reported measures of alertness and discomfort were collected.
Results: Uninterrupted sitting significantly increased discomfort (P < 0.001). Discomfort was lower in both the standing (P < 0.001) and pedaling (P < 0.001) conditions than the uninterrupted sitting condition. Short-lived improvements in alertness were observed immediately following several standing (50%) and pedaling (100%) interruptions.
Conclusion: Prolonged sitting increases discomfort while brief standing and pedaling interruptions attenuate impairments in discomfort among sedentary workers.
Article à accès restreintBENZO, Roberto Martín, KRUSE, Nicholas T., HUGHES, William E., CASEY, Darren P. et CARR, Lucas J., 2018. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine [en ligne]. septembre 2018. Vol. 60, n° 9, pp. 804.  DOI 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001329.

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