Time-Trends of U.S. Occupational Noise Standard Violations by OSHA Region and Industry Type: 1972-2019

Source avec lien : Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, (En ligne). 10.1097/JOM.0000000000002422

Cette étude a examiné les tendances temporelles des violations des normes de bruit professionnel par région OSHA et par type d’industrie sur 48 ans.

Objective:  We examined time-trends in Occupational Noise Standard violations by OSHA region and industry type over 48 years. Methods:  Along with descriptive analysis of original data, negative binomial regression and Poisson regression were applied to the analysis of 1972 to 2019 and 1972 to 2012 data, respectively. Results:  A small annual decrease in violation units over the periods was revealed. The three analyses produced differing time-trends. The manufacturing industry had more violations, and Region 4 had the most violations. Regarding numbers of units, the 10 regions and 2 industries were jointly significant. Some interaction between regions and industry types appeared in both regressions. Conclusions:  OSHA should specify how many regions report noise violations each year to ensure accurate identification of noise-related health risks to American workers. Further time-trend studies are needed for specific regions and industry types.

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