Participatory ergonomics approaches to design and intervention in workspaces: a literature review

Source avec lien : Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, (En ligne). 10.1080/1463922X.2022.2095457

Cette étude a permis de passer en revue la littérature sur les approches ergonomiques dans une variété d’espaces de travail, qu’ils soient en cours de transformation ou de conception.

Practitioner summary: This study conducted a review of the literature on ergonomic approaches in a variety of workspaces, whether they are being transformed or designed. Attention was sought for commonalities of approaches that resulted in the topics regarding intermediate objects and the technological impact on recent ergonomic interventions. The main finding denotes a greater need to consolidate virtual and physical tools and methods and to investigate an intervention framework that is applicable to most interventions, in addition to responding to the major challenges pointed out by the articles.

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