Paramedic occupational violence mitigation: a comprehensive systematic review of emergency service worker prevention strategies and experiences for use in prehospital care

Source avec lien : Occupational and Environmental Medicine, (En ligne), 2021-03-03. 10.1136/oemed-2020-107037

La violence au travail est un problème important dans le contexte des soins préhospitaliers, la majorité des travailleurs paramédicaux déclarant avoir subi une forme d’abus, d’intimidation, d’agression physique ou sexuelle au cours de leur carrière. Bien que la littérature paramédicale reconnaisse la gravité de ce problème, il existe peu d’études sur les stratégies d’atténuation de la violence au travail. Malgré cela, les similitudes opérationnelles et environnementales qui existent entre les travailleurs paramédicaux et les autres travailleurs des services d’urgence, comme la police et les pompiers, offrent la possibilité d’examiner des stratégies et des expériences relatives à l’atténuation de la violence au travail.

Occupational violence is a significant issue within the context of prehospital healthcare with the majority of paramedics reporting some form of abuse, intimidation, physical or sexual assault during their career. Though the paramedic literature acknowledges the severity of this issue, there is limited literature examining occupational violence mitigation strategies. Despite this, the operational and environmental similarities that exist between paramedics and other emergency service workers such as the police and firefighters, provide an opportunity to review relatable occupational violence mitigation strategies and experiences. This review used Joanna Briggs Institute guidance for systematic reviews of both qualitative evidence and effectiveness. Studies included in this review incorporated those published in English from 1990 to January 2020. Two qualitative studies met the criteria for review. From these, a total of 22 findings were extracted and combined to form four categories from which two syntheses were developed. Twenty-four quantitative studies, encompassing six unique fields, met the criteria for review. Mitigation strategies for emergency service worker occupational violence are not easily defined. They are dynamic, multilayered and encompass a variety of complex social, medical and psychological influences. In spite of this, there are clear benefits to their application in regard to the approaches and training of violence mitigation. The paramedic environment would benefit from strategies that are flexible to the ongoing needs of the workers and the specific cultural, environmental and social factors that encompass the paramedic organisation.

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