« Can you hear me now? » Video conference coping strategies and experience during COVID-19 and beyond

Source avec lien : Work, 70(3). 10.3233/WOR-210279

L’objectif de cette étude est d’explorer l’utilisation et l’expérience des pratiques de travail à distance facilitées par la vidéo en réponse à COVID-19, appelées « COVID Response Zoom-style Interactions (CRAZI) »

BACKGROUND: During COVID-19 the workforce quickly adapted to using existing video-conferencing tools in order to work from home. OBJECTIVE: To explore use and experience of remote video-facilitated work practices in response to COVID-19: termed ‘COVID Response Zoom-style Interactions (CRAZI)’. METHODS: A cross sectional study via a 66-item online survey for health and medical research and education sector workers. The survey included 8 sections: 1) pre-COVID video-conferencing meeting habits, 2) CRAZI meeting habits, 3) socialising, 4) CRAZI fashion, 5) behaviour standards, 6) family life, 7) future work, 8) participant demographics. Main outcomes were pre-COVID to CRAZI differences in frequency, length and type of video-based meetings, and video-conferencing experience. RESULTS: 202 participants, mostly Australian (median age 36–45, IQR 26–55 years) completed the survey. Women-to-men ratio was 3 : 1, 44.6%had children. COVID-19 changed video-conferencing frequency and maximum meeting size. Most participants found CRAZI meetings tiring and hard. Casual clothes dominated dress code (71.1%), pets were commonly seen. « Can you hear me now » was a commonly heard phrase. Good and bad behaviour were described, with formal codes of CRAZI conduct missing (58.7%) or unknown (21.9%). 76.6%of participants observed a child interrupting a CRAZI meeting, parents were mostly female. Despite challenges, most participants (76.6%) favoured video-conferencing post-pandemic, but preference for continuing to work from home varied. CONCLUSIONS: CRAZI work, while tiring, has fostered different work-practices that may continue beyond the pandemic. Working from home with children adds joy for others, but complexity for workers. Pets may help owners and co-workers cope with the pandemic.

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